Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Watch This.....

If your after a nice watch 4 a nice price, what's gonna stand out this summer.... The ideal timepiece to complete any summer outfit...

I think there are 2 brand you need 2 look @: NIXON TELLER TIME P or The TIMEX COLOURS..

I no whats on my wrist do YOU...?
Nixon Teller Time P £50+
Timex Colours £35+

Sunday, 14 February 2010



I'm sick of of these.. wanna be-hype dick head ppl who think they look kool, wearing these fucking REAL 3D GLASSES! (with or with-out the lenses in)

WTF... They're 3D Glasses what you get from the cinema 4 god sake. Ple don't come up 2 me thinking we have the same glasses on... (hell no chump!) You got yours 4 FREE from cine world b4 you went 2 watch MONSTER vs ALIENS or AVATAR, mine are £240 pound Ray-Ban's with Reactor Lenses baby.... boom boom pow! lol there not the same.

If your going 4 that Style: Go high brow, not 4 products you got free with your Nachos!

You need your eyes tested if you think you look good!

Real 3D vs Ran-Ban's who's your winner?

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Look close @ the pik & what do u see...
Go on look agen, can u tell what the pik is yet..?
Come on you have got 2 have worked it out by now,
well if not your DAM slow & i'm not telling ya. But i will tell u is that the Brand is called:-
It started out as just a STICKER on pavements, 2 a LOGO then the LOGO became a BRAND. Hitting up FASHION COVERS, sponsoring MOTO GP, 2 having endorsements with BARCELONA'S MESSI...
This Italian Brand does it all from: Appreall, Bags, Belts, Hats, Helments, Underwear, Jewels the lot.

All this from images of some 1 getting SHAGED from the BACK.. wow lol

Friday, 12 February 2010

Slang.. Friday's

Ok ppl... I no some of you out there might no a few SLANG words & some don't. So each and every friday i'm gonna take you 2 SLANG SCHOOL! (SLANG FRIDAY'S) with your teacher Mr.PingPong. These lessions will teach you the follwing:

* Slang Word
* Word Meaning
* Educational Sentence

You will get 3 words a week but it depends on how good you are. Hope you all have your pens and pads ready cuz were about 2 start.

Word 1..
Slang Word: PAR!
Word Meaning: Why do you have 2 PAR me all the time 4 (Mr Black says) when a person is Insulted, Blazed,Cused or Dissed. Or when something bad happens to you.
Educational Sentence: Dam.. Tom just got run over by an amblance thats a PAR

Word 2..
Slang Word: PUSSY!
Word Meaning: Cat calling sounds, a Cat, Scared, Wimp, Timid Individual, Wuss, Coward, A woman's flower aka lady bit.
Educational Sentence: Your such a little PUSSY.. It's just a fever.

Word 3..
Slang Word: GULLY!
Word Meaning: Macho, Tough, Ghetto, Hard, Street, Hood, Thugged out, a true gangster (lol)
Educational Sentence: That Two- Star ETAP hotel we stayed in was tooo GULLY 4 me.

Thats it 4 this week ppl, make sure u tri & use these words 2. But ple tri not 2 get PARED be a PUSSY. Just keep it GULLY & you will be fine.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Old school or New school...

Old school or New school you decide...

This is my opinion on Letterman jackets aka Varsity jackets, & how much i don’t like them but i have come to realize they’re actually pretty sickkk! with a Capitol (S) The reason i didn’t like them was because when i use 2 watch old school film's, You use 2 see the Jock's weiring them.. Now let me tell u i'm not a NERD or a JOCK i'm just me (PINGPONG).
I remember the 1st person who (I) no... well i don't really no him @ all but i seen him in it & it was, Axel Foley aka Eddie Murphy. In BEVERLY HILLS COP2 wow lol

He rocked the look sick. Blue,White & Gray Varsity, Gray T, Stone Wash Jeans & some old school white Adidas.. I think they were campus but don't "quote" me on that 1, might have 2 go & watch the film agen 2 make sure lol

As everyone no's fashion comes & goes & goes round & round..

Varsity jackets, have done that in a big way 2!
Now u have big brands like: Crooks & Castles, Mishka, Ice Cream, Carhartt, Edwin, Nike etc... dropping bad boi 1's

Do you think that the VARSITY should have been left in the OLD SCHOOL or HYPED 2 the NEW SCHOOL...?
Are they worth the Dolla Dolla Bills Ya'll

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Dnt PAR your ya Chuck's..

i’ve always said you’re not a true sneaker head if you don’t respect the Chuck Taylor's aka Cons & have a pair or 2 or maybe 3 + considering there only about £30-£35, but come on now are u really tyring 2 take the piss with these..? i'm Sure you are! They might not hold up the best, but come on look @ the state of them!
* The kick's are blind laced
* I'm sure they are meant 2 be white & not dirty/cream
* Its not a good look when your foot is hanging over the side
* it's bad when u have holes in the back of your kicks...

How the f**k do you get holes in the hack of your kicks? if u no
email me: info@mrpingpong.com & let me no ple,
cuz i really wanna no how it happens.

It's a timeless Sneaker not a Trampie Sneaker
so rock it right!!!

Hype or Not...

OK OK OK.. I no you all must have seen this pik of kanye & his boi's, (Power Ranger's) lol but what do you think about the style?
Being a fashion stylist, i think they have took the game 2 a hole new level.
But i wanna no what the ppl think about the stylish gang?
Are they 2 hype 4u...